Country: Slovenia
Born: 1980
Known from: Barbara Zatler a Slovenia and Italian Men's Magazine and Swimsuit model and actress known from several magazines around the world such as FHM and M!, Slitz, Playboy etc. Watch her first nude video and pictures now!
Where are you originally from?
My roots are from slovenia ,italy ,serbia and Denmark
As a model, what is your dream?
The reach for my goal as a model . To be pose for Playboy.
What do you think about the Hotjug Concept?
I think its very cool . Its a bit like playboy . with Scandanavian girls.:)
How did you like working with Team Hotjug? Are you pleased with the results?
Im very pleased with the result . and thought it was a good experiance
Did it push your personal boundaries shooting a movie?
yes very much. ive never done a video like that before. so it was pushing it a bit.
What turns you on in a man?
charm. humor. its important that he makes me laugh
Do you have a boyfriend?
maybe , maybe not;)
Do you prefer romance or dirty sex?
Romance ofcoures. dirty sex comes if the romance is great . You let your self loose;)
What does the guy of your dreams look like?
Dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin. i love dark men. but its not a must . sometimes light eyes can be very sexy too. against dark skin.
We have to ask, are you into girl sex?
Nope . girls don´t turn me on.
What's the worst and the best thing about you?
Hehe i think its my temper. its the worts and best thing about me. Sometimes i can go crazy .
If you were to bring three things with you on a desert island, what would you bring?
mobile . a bikini and a coke! Mobile to call for some one to pick me up, bikini to bask in the sun while i wait and a coke to drink if it gets to hot ;)