Country: Norway
Born: 1984
Known from: Katrine is known from Vi Menn and FHM Norway, She a beautiful Norwegian sex bomb with the perfect Scandinavian sexy look! Watch this girl on nude video and pics!
As a model, what is your dream?
My dream is to one day be on the cover on playboy and other famous magasines.
What part of your body are most satisfied with?
My eyes
If you could be another girl one day, who should it be and why?
I would like to be Paris Hilton for one day, because then I can use as much money I want on everything and I think she is a really cool girl who everytime does what she want..
We hear that young norwegian has sex in the mountains, is that right?
I guess when you are on mountain skiing or snowboarding, you make sex as much as you want there as if you where at home.
What does your dream date look like?
That must be to ride together in the sunset along the beach or up by the mountains and afterwords go out for a romantic dinner.
What turns you on in a guy?
That he is charming and have a lot of humour and self ironi is the most important. But he most also have beautyful eyes and a nice ass.