Country: Norway
Born: 1987
Known from: Lisa Marie Winther is know from all Norwegian and Swedish mens magazines such as FHM. King Size Magazine, Slitz! Watch This Hot Norwegian Girl in a super sexy nude video and picture gallery!
As a model, what is your dream?
To reach my goals as a professional model...
What part of your body are you most satisfied with?
The totality of my body and my skin colour
What do you think about the Hotjug Concept?
It's pretty cool to see that Hotjug has developed something similar as Playboy's Cybergirls...
If you could be another girl for a day ­ who should it be and why?
I wouldn't have been another girl but another boy. In that case, it would have been Devendra Banhart because I love his music, his art and his laidback artistic life style:)
You are in nice company with Triana Iglesias, Pernilla lundberg, Jackie Navarro etc..How is that?
I'm proud to be in company with Playboy girls;)
What does your dream date look like?
Dates are always a little terrifying, but hopefully I'm done with those attempts. Anyways, a calm and relaxing date in a little messy restaurant without a feeling of being in a interview for a job works very good.
What turns you on in a guy?
Charm, karma and good ear for good music
When you go out, do you get picked up or do you pick up?
What do you think? I'm girly girl:)
What are you doing ten years from now?
Time will show, but a complete feeling of happiness, beautiful music and lots and lots of beautiful art seems perfect.