Country: Spain
Born: 1982
Known from: Triana Iglesias is a Spanish and Norwegian Men's Magazine and Swimsuit model. She has been a cover girl of many magazines like FHM, Slitz, Maxim, Esqire etc. and she has also appeared in Playboy's online edition, and been on Playboy's cover of several countries. Playboy chose Triana Iglesias to honour Playboy Spain's 30th anniversary, as their anniversary Playmate. She has appeared in several music videos and currently working for Norwegian television presenting her fourth season of the Norwegian version of Paradise Hotel. She appeared in Dancing with the Stars in 2009! See Triana Iglesias all naked on Video and pictures from her best time ever! Enjoy
Triana Iglesias- Are you somehow related to Enrique?
No, I'm not related to Enrique. My mother is from Spain and my father is from Norway. I grew up with the best from two cultures.
You were one of Playboys hottest models in 2007-How were you discovered?
I have doubts about how I was "discovered" I've worked as a model for a while, and I've been doing jobs for magazines all over the world, so when Playboy wanted to work with me, I found it totally amazing. I was so happy! I'm lucky to get to work with something I really like and something that keeps a homepage running. We try our best to update the page as often as possible.
When you went to school, were you the hot chick in the class?
No, absolutely not. I'm really a bit nerdy and I like weird stuff, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. But unfortunatelu, when you go to school-you don't want to stand out in the crowd, you want to be exactly like everybody else.
What does Triana do when she's not working?
I try to use as much time as possible on friends, family and my boyfriend. They're so amazing, and I really use as much time on them as possible. I'm engaged to the sweetest person in the world, Nils. He's everything to me!
Do you sleep naked?
All summer, I do. I like sleeping naked, but in the wintertime it gets to cold in Norway, so I wear sock made of wool.
You have to spend a month on a deserted Island. What would you bring with you?
Spices, Spices for the grill. It's likely I have to eat a rat, so it's a good thing to be able to spice it up. Then I won't be able to feel what it really tastes like. I would also bring a book and a pencil so I could write a diary. Or an Ipod. But I think I'd be mostly in need for the grillspices. Can't I bring trhee things?
What turns you on in a man?
Charm, humour and a spark in the eye. I fall for men who can charm me and make me laugh. One who makes me feel special.
How do you judge the result of the pictures and film we made of you for Hotjug?
I find both the photos and the film very good.