Julie Carole

Merry Christmas guys! :*

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Like big butts ? ;)

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Hi guys..it's no secret that i've got the best butt in town ;) so I thought i'd share a VIP pic of it with u lovely People . More sexy pics will follow in the coming posts :* enjoy !

Sexy geek :p

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I'm spending my afternoon studying for my exams..geeky mode ;) what are you guys doing? :* xoxo p.s. sign up to watch a lil vip video I made for ya :*

Welcome to my world! ;)

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Hi guys & welcome to my page! :* My name is Julie Carole, a 19 year old model from Odense, Denmark I'm the new girl on Hotjug and I'm so excited to share some sexy pics and posts with you guys ;) I will be making new posts on a regular basis, so you should definitely follow me - I can guarantee you won't regret it ;* Wishing you all a wonderful day. Remember to smile and enjoy life <3 Xoxo Julie Carole